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A5 Pulse oximeter 
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A5 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


- Patented automatic 4-way screen orientation

- Low Power consumption;

- Low Perfusion ≤ 0.4%;

- Portable, Small and light weight;

- Durable and fashionable design: Vacuum-galvanization and UV printing technology

Technical Specification

- Display type: OLED two color display;

- Measurement range: SpO2 from 70% to 99%,PR from 30 to 240 BPM;

- Resolution: ±1% for SpO2, ±1BPM for Pulse rate;

- Accuracy: ±2%(70%-99%), unspecified(≤70%) for SpO2;

- Alarming Default Value: Pluse rate>110bpm, SpO2<85%; Upper limit setting range:100-250bpm, lower setting range:15-95bpm;

- Low perfusion: ≤0.4%;

- Power supply: Two of 1.5(AAA Size)alkaline batteries;

- Power consumption less than 30mA;

- The product will automatically power off when no signals after 8sec;

- The product power on automatically when have signals.

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